Ballet Superstar Tiler Peck: Dance, Dreams, and Must-Have Essentials

Tiler Peck’s Passion for Dance

From performing leading roles in world-class productions like “The Nutcracker,” “Swan Lake,” and “The Sleeping Beauty,” to choreographing her own shows, Tiler Peck has undeniably left an impact on the world of ballet. In response to the global pandemic, she embraced digital platforms, offering Instagram live classes that inspired dancers around the world. As a prima ballerina, Peck cherishes the opportunity to dance in front of an audience and continues to push herself beyond limits.

Choreographic Debut at New York City Ballet

Always striving to achieve new heights, Peck recently premiered her own choreography for the prestigious New York City Ballet (NYCB). Despite facing numerous challenges that come with being both a principal dancer and a choreographer, Peck perceives every hurdle as an opportunity to learn and grow. Her dedication and commitment make her an inspiration for all budding dancers and creatives.

Recovery and Self-Care: The Key to Success

As a performer constantly pushing her body to its limit, Peck understands the importance of recovery and self-care after a long day on stage. She relies on several must-have essentials that help ease aches and pains so she’s ready to grace the stage again and captivate even more hearts.
Below are seven items that Peck considers indispensable:

  • Epsom salt baths – perfect for relaxing muscles post-performance
  • A versatile mixture of apple cider vinegar and other ingredients, perfect for treating swollen body parts overnight
  • A portable collapsible water bottle to stay hydrated wherever she goes
  • Neutrogena makeup wipes to easily remove stage makeup and keep her skin clear
  • Your peppermint patties for a sweet post-dinner treat
  • The ultra-soft and oversized Só Dança Turn It Out gear, ensuring both comfort and style off the stage

Tiler Peck’s Tour de Force: “Turn It Out with Tiler Peck & Friends”

Beyond performing in iconic ballets and choreographing her own shows, Peck has also been at the helm of a touring program called “Turn It Out with Tiler Peck & Friends.” Born during the pandemic, this project showcases two pieces that were developed during lockdown. A testament to Peck’s adaptability and passion for dance, the traveling show highlights her indomitable spirit as well as her magnetic charisma on stage.

Fusing Artistry and Outreach Through Social Media

The advent of lockdowns around the world gave rise to many challenges for performers like Peck. Unable to take to the stage as usual, she turned to social media to engage the global audience. By offering live classes on Instagram, Peck not only stayed connected to her loyal followers but also inspired countless individuals across geographies with her unwavering determination to share the beauty of ballet.

Inspiring Aspiring Dancers Through Tenacity and Talent

From headlining major productions to pioneering her own creative ventures, Tiler Peck embodies the unstoppable spirit essential for success in the world of dance. Her candid sharing of the trials and tribulations she faces in juggling her artistic pursuits inspires dancers everywhere to continue pushing their boundaries and nurturing their passion for this beautiful art form.